Take action with your church to help shape a fairer, more sustainable world.

The Money Makes Change Pledge equips churches to take a closer look at how money shapes the world around us.

Download and share the Pledge resources with your church to explore how where you bank, invest or spend money can be part of your response to injustice and the climate crisis. The Pledge toolkit includes a scoring sheet you can use with your church to reflect on what you are already doing and identify further actions.

The four Action Areas give plenty of ideas for practical steps – from switching to a more ethical bank to developing a purchasing policy that is good news for people and planet.

I’ve shared the resources with my church. What next?

If you’ve identified up to four actions you want to take as a church then you are ready to make your Pledge.

Our online form is temporarily unavailable but you can still make your Pledge by emailing us at info@eccr.org.ukJust let us know your church’s name and the actions you’d like to take and we’ll help you get started.

Do get in touch if you’d like support in getting your church engaged. We may be able to provide a speaker or workshop facilitator, or simply talk with you about the steps you’d like to take.

ECCR is a charity working towards a world where money is used to shape a fairer, greener future. Our resources are free to use. Supporting us with a one-off or regular donation helps us produce more resources like this and equip more churches and individuals to take action.

Download Pledge toolkit

Download Action Areas

Example of a church pledge


  • Switch our church bank account to a more ethical option
  • Pray regularly for local social enterprises 
  • Agree an ethical purchasing policy for the food we buy 
  • Raise awareness of the Living Wage campaign 

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