Money Makes Change:


Billions of pounds move between bank accounts every day.

What do you know about ethical banking?

Faith and banking

God is concerned with how we use money. We are called to do good with our finances (1 Timothy 6:17-19), to love our neighbours and care for creation.

The money that we put into a bank helps it to do its work. A growing movement of Christians want to bank more ethically and campaign for a fairer, greener banking sector.

What’s the problem?

Many of the UK’s big banks lend to or invest in companies involved in nuclear weapons, fossil fuels, gambling and tax avoidance. What kind of world are our banks shaping? 

Lots of people in the UK are unable to access essential financial services. What is your bank doing to tackle financial exclusion? Banks could help make society fairer.

Banking on a better world

Big banks have a lot of power. But we have power too. We can all speak up for a financial sector that works for the common good.  

Some banks are good news for people and planet. As Christians we can champion these, and support ethical alternatives, like credit unions.

Find out how to take action below.

What can I do?

Learn more about ethical banking

Banks could play a key role in shaping a fairer, greener world. But many are involved in funding companies and projects that harm people and planet.

Are you with one of the top 5 least ethical banks in the UK? These big banks dominate the market.

Things need to changeRead our short guide to fairer, greener banking.

Who owns the banks? Watch this short video that explains the differences between banks, building societies and credit unions.

Take action

As an individual: Concerned about the ethics of your current bank? Use the suggested questions in this guide to talk to your bank.

Want to switch? Join the Big Bank Switch to move to a greener bank or use the links below to explore other ethical issues:

As a church: Looking for an ethical bank for your church? Download our free Greener Fairer Banking Guide which explores four of the more ethical bank accounts for churches and charities.

Champion the work of credit unions in your community. Credit unions offer ethical savings and fair, affordable loans.

Big Bank Switch

The Big Bank Switch: putting faith into greener banking

Join together with thousands of Christians across the UK in aligning your money with your values.

Switch away from a bank that funds planet-destroying fossil fuels to one that helps shape a greener future for God’s creation. 

Reflect and pray

Jesus taught frequently on the topic of money. How does our faith shape our engagement with banks? Download this article about ethical banking – share it with your church and start a conversation.  

Explore your motivation for choosing your current bank. What do you know about the way your bank behaves? 

Creator God,

guide us to act justly with the resources entrusted to us.
Strengthen the movement for fairer, greener banking
and show us where and how to speak out for the common good.

Have you recently switched bank or engaged with your bank?

Get in touch and share your #MoneyMakesChange story with us.

Man with glasses and beard. Wearing a cream coloured jacket, red tie and rainbow scarf.

I believe my money is making the world a better place, as my bank doesn’t just avoid lending to harmful businesses but actively seeks out good ones. John, Birmingham

I try to use my money to make society fairer. I save with a local mutual Building Society and hold community shares, a form of co-operative investment, in projects that I believe in. Richard, Birmingham

Share with others

I’m thinking about the ethics of my bank. Are you? Check out the #MoneyMakesChange resources for individuals and churches.

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