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For the Many, Not the Few…

As we mark Better Business Day, we hear from Charlie Walker, CEO of Clean for Good, about how they attempt to do business in a better way.  ‘Evening, sorry to text you but I just had to. I would firstly like to say thank you so much for the support and great news. I’m so […]

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My Relationship With My Bank

Today I ended a nine year relationship. It was one I entered into because it was convenient. I didn’t know any better, and then after a while it was comfortable and harder to get out of. This was my relationship with my bank; Barclays.

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No Racial Justice without Economic Justice

Mainstream banks are closing branches across the country – with Lloyds the most recent example. Access to banking services is a problem for many communities across the UK, but some sections of society face financial exclusion more systematically than others. 

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Acting for Justice Through Our Choice of Bank

Ethical banking wasn’t on my radar when I started university back in the early 2000s. I’m slightly ashamed to say that when I needed to open a current account, I simply opted for the bank that gave me a free overdraft and a railcard.   But then I took a module on South African history and […]

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Introducing Dr Selina Stone, Our New Patron

I am very pleased to join the team of Patrons for the JustMoney Movement. In my life and work, it has become increasingly evident to me, that how we collectively use our money can have a huge impact on our future as a human family, and the earth.

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Black Friday: can we imagine better business?

Today (24 November) is Black Friday 2023. Together with Cyber Monday (and, increasingly, the weeks before and after it), it is the main shopping event of the year, when major retailers purport to offer huge discounts to entice shoppers.

As those called to follow Christ and point towards a new way of living, the consumerist culture with Black Friday as its sacred festival must concern us.

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Autumn Statement: A Tragically Missed Opportunity  

This Autumn Statement was an opportunity for the Government to improve people’s lives, by tackling the ongoing cost-of-living scandal and investing in crumbling schools and hospitals. It was a chance to close tax loopholes and make tax fairer. Instead, the Government chose to cut some taxes whilst failing to properly support those struggling with the […]

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Government must use Autumn Statement to protect the UK’s poorest 

The JustMoney Movement has called on the Government to use the upcoming Autumn Statement to boldly step up to tackle rising poverty and inequality in our local communities, through reform of the tax system.  Around 14.4 million people were living in poverty in 2021/22, including 4.2 million children[1]. It is widely accepted that this has […]

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Beyond Business as Usual: Enacting the Kingdom in a World of Injustice

Throughout his earthly ministry, Jesus proclaimed, performed, embraced, and enacted the Kingdom of God.  He preached, ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand. Repent and believe the good news,’ and demonstrated what this looked like by healing the sick, forgiving sin, welcoming the weak, challenging injustice, and laying down his life as an act of […]

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Good Money Week Roundup

There are real life impacts for every pound we spend, every investment decision, every loan made by a bank. What we do with money, how wealth is shared, and how money is used by investors, banks and companies, shapes the world we live in.  £8.8 trillion of assets are managed by the UK investment sector1. […]

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