MoneyTalks is a series of online events hosted by the JustMoney Movement reflecting on faith, money and the wider economy and exploring how we can engage with all of these as tools to shape a fairer, greener future. Watch our previous MoneyTalks sessions below and sign up to our newsletter to hear about our upcoming sessions.

Jubilee Economics with Shane Claiborne

In this MoneyTalks event Shane Claiborne helped us re-imagine the biblical vision of jubilee redistribution, explore what the Gospel has to say to the fragile world that we have created and reflect on what it means as a Christian to engage with the economic systems and structures that shape the society we live in.

Faith, Race & Money with Elaine Bowes

In this MoneyTalks session, Faith, Race and Money, Elaine explores the economic profile of Black communities and the role of churches, in particular Black led churches in addressing these matters. In this context she will be discussing the economic position of Black communities during the Windrush era and the legacy this has left amongst UK Black communities and churches.

Where Your Treasure Is… with Barbara Ridpath

Matthew 6 tells us we cannot serve two masters: God and money. But we can use money to serve God. In this session Barbara helps us consider how each of us can do this in our own way, and how our money and our investments can become out-workings of our faith and our stewardship.

Becoming Salt & Light in the Economy with Dr Eve Poole OBE

In her talk Eve talks about the lure of consumerism and how Christians can use their own consumer behaviour to redeem the marketplace. Using an ordinary bank statement, she explains how you can fine-tune your own consumer report card so that it serves God and not Mammon.

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