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…equipping you to connect your faith and your finances. Together, we can shape a fairer, greener world.

Welcome to the Money Makes Change hub, a place for Christians to explore ethical issues around money. Discover the positive actions you can take with your finances – from where you bank to how your pension is invested.

A church community of 40 households has a collective ‘spending’ power of £1 million every year to shape a fairer, greener world (based on an average household income of £25,000). Together, we can have an impact.

Not sure where to start? Take the Bridging the Gap quiz to reflect on where you are already connecting your faith and your finances, and where you could take action.

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Bridging the Gap quiz


You might not think of yourself as an investor, but do you know what your pension is being invested in on your behalf?


What values guide your spending? Explore how to engage with companies to shape a fairer, greener world.


God is concerned with how we use money. Can we love our neighbour and care for creation through our choice of bank?


View a full list of Money Makes Change resources for individuals and churches. All resources are free to download.

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