Tax Justice

As well as the money we save, spend, and invest, the tax system we all engage with and the government policies that shape it have a huge impact on the world around us.

Our Church Action for Tax Justice campaign stands for a fairer, greener tax system where taxes are set to reflect the Common Good, and individuals and corporations pay their fair share. We believe that tax should not be seen as a burden; it’s a way of showing love for neighbour, care for creation and creating the type of society we find in the teachings of Jesus and the prophets.

In the context of increasing global and national inequality as well as unprecedented environmental challenges, it is now more important than ever that churches and individuals stand up for a more compassionate system.

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In February 2022 we launched our Good Measure Campaign, calling on the UK Government to introduce an initial one-off wealth tax on the country’s richest 1%. We believe it’s time we created a tax system that enabled the wealthiest in society to pay their fair share.

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Income, wealth, equality, redistribution, poverty, and justice; scripture speaks to all of them. We’ve produced three small group bible studies to help individuals, home groups or whole congregations explore tax justice. The study is free to download here.

  • Tax Justice Sunday 2024

    The Christian call to justice is a familiar one; it’s a calling rooted in scripture, revealed in the words of the Prophets, exampled through Christ himself and a constant throughout our faith’s rich history.   At the JustMoney Movement we believe it’s time to have the BIG conversations about injustice, about how we shape a fairer,…

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  • Time to Tax Profiteering Polluters

    “Nothing is more important than delivering for our customers – it’s why we are here.”  These are the words of Centrica’s chief executive Chris O’Shea following this morning’s announcement of a surge in earnings. In the first 6 months of this year, Centrica made a statutory operating profit of £6.5bn, helped by a 900% surge…

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  • Tax as a tool for a fairer society

    Join us to discuss a Christian perspective on tax, with Christians on the Left, for Fair Tax Week 2023.

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