On 25 January 2020, in partnership with Transforming Communities Together and the Diocese of Lichfield, we ran a workshop exploring the connections between the climate emergency and how we can effect change through the use of our money.

About 25 people gathered at the Aldridge Church Centre, Walsall where we spent the morning discussing this important topic. We were joined by The Rt Revd Clive Gregory, area Bishop of the Wolverhampton episcopal area, who started the workshop with a theological address on the importance of care for creation and ethical stewardship. He spoke about the challenge to work towards sustainability in the Diocese, and shared his personal testimony in thinking through these issues. 

Colin Darling, Money Makes Change West Midlands Development Manager, led us in exploring the scientific evidence for the climate emergency, how fossil fuels are involved, and the implications thereof. We looked at how we can take practical action, particularly through the use of our money. Whether this is through lifestyle changes and how we spend our money or whether this is through choosing more ethical financial services providers, committed to sustainability and fossil fuel avoidance/divestment, our money really can make a change. 

 Some encouraging quotes from the day included: 

‘”Convincing science”
‘”Opportunities to make change’”
“I can change my financial services providers!”
“This is urgent”

We’ve been invited to run the event again in Wolverhampton later this year and will share details once finalised. We will also be working on a ‘Money Makes Change and the Climate Emergency’ resource as our programme expands. Stay tuned! 

If you’re interested in exploring how you or your church could use your money to contribute to positive social, economic and environmental change, take a look at our Money Makes Change resources here

We’d like to thank Revd David Primrose for his support and Aldridge Church and their members for the use of their superb centre. (Photo of the church centre for web use taken by an Aldridge staff member and used with permission)

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