The Money Makes Change Pledge is our new resource for churches. The Pledge gives your church a framework to look at how you connect faith, money and ethics. You can choose up to 4 actions to work on as part of your Pledge. Read on to find out how to get involved and record your Pledge.

Looking for a resource to transform the way you talk about money in church? Want to take practical action to tackle poverty, inequality and climate change? We’ve created the Money Makes Change Pledge to help churches take a closer look at how money shapes the world around us.

There are thousands of churches in the UK. What if every church…

  • switched to an ethical bank that invested in companies shaping a better society?
  • took care to choose products and services that do not harm God’s creation?
  • supported businesses, locally and globally, that are working for the common good?
  • gave generously to projects tackling the root causes of poverty? 

What a difference we could make if we connected our financial decisions with the issues we care about and raised our voices to hold companies to account!

How do we make a Pledge?

The Pledge invites you to go on a journey towards connecting faith and finance. We provide ideas and resources to support you but the steps you take are up to you.

Look at the Pledge resources with your church to help you reflect on the work you are already doing and identify actions you can take to help build a fairer, more sustainable world.

These actions could range from switching to a more ethical bank account, buying more Fairtrade products or campaigning around an issue like Tax Justice or the Living Wage.

Record your Pledge via the online form and you’ll receive a personalised Pledge poster to display locally or on your church website.

Start taking action and share your story with us. We’d love to hear what you are doing!

Record your Pledge and get access to Ethical Consumer resources

With thanks to Ethical Consumer we are able to offer a free Ethical Consumer subscription to the first 5 churches to record their Pledge, and a subsidised subscription to all churches that participate. 

For more information about the Pledge please contact Rosie via

Come and join a movement of churches taking practical action to help shape a fairer, more sustainable world!

The Pledge is part of a wider programme of Money Makes Change resources that ECCR has developed to help Christians make ethical choices around money and to hold businesses accountable for their impact on the world.

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