JustMoney Movement welcomes the election of a new Government for the UK and the opportunity this presents for change. 

We hope that the new Government will share our vision for a fairer, greener world. We call on them to shape a just economy through their use and direction of finance; to tackle the endemic inequality in the UK through a fairer balance of taxation; and to show they value nature and the environment by investing in the green transition. Specifically, we call for: 

  • An economy that prioritises wellbeing and human flourishing over pure wealth creation. This may come with GDP growth, but it requires investment to fix our crumbling public services. We also seek reform of the financial sector, so private money can serve this goal and expand financial inclusion. 
  • Both short- and long-term solutions for tackling the crisis of poverty in the UK. We will continue to make the case for taxes on extreme wealth as a source of income that can avoid the need for budget cuts in key departments. 
  • Recognition of the urgency of the climate crisis and the opportunities of a just transition to a green economy. This means serious investment in the energy, transport, and housing infrastructure required to move from fossil fuels to non-polluting energy sources.  

Read more about our hopes for a new government in our General Election Briefing. 

As a movement we will continue to work and campaign tirelessly to hold the Government, alongside all those who hold power and decision-making responsibility in our society, to account, ensuring they are working in service of people and planet. We encourage all those within the JustMoney Movement to take this opportunity to reach out to their MP, to engage with them positively and constructively and to continue to pray for them.  

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