As part of the Money Makes Change programme, ECCR will be producing a series of Action Starters, designed to provide helpful information and ideas of ways to take action.

Inspired by recent conversations with charities and churches wanting to switch current accounts to a more ethical option, we’ve produced our first Action Starter, looking at 5 of the more ethical charity bank accounts currently on the market.

We’ve reviewed 5 current accounts, suitable for most churches and charities. We have excluded the big five banks from our analysis – they are consistently ranked at the bottom of Ethical Consumer’s ratings (full information available via subscription) and the Good Shopping Guide (free) and have therefore been discounted.

Many of the banks profiled only finance projects and organisations committed to positive social, economic and environmental change and offer a viable alternative to the big five banks. We’ve included the features of each account as well as each bank’s ethical credentials. We hope this will help to aid and inform decision making.

Please get in touch if you find this Action Starter useful or if you have any ideas for further Action Starter topics! For this, and all our other Money Makes Change resources, click here.  

With thanks to Ethical Consumer, who have given us permission to publish their ratings for each bank (where applicable).  
The information in the Action Aid should not be relied on as financial advice and each charity or church will need to consider what bank best meets their needs as an organisation. See our disclaimer here.

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