Inequality is not Inevitable

We urge Jeremy Hunt MP and Rachel Reeves MP to hear the cry of the world’s poor and marginalised over the voices of the wealthy elite. Read the full letter here.

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As Chancellor Jeremy Hunt and Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves attend the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, the JustMoney Movement is urging them to steer clear of the caviar and instead to focus on tackling inequality.  

Inequality is not inevitable, it is a product of decisions taken by successive governments resulting in an economy which enables the rich to get richer, whilst the poor get poorer.  

Sign this letter, urging UK politicians to advocate for a global economy which puts people above profit and support measures to tackle global inequality, including;  

  • Tax the world’s super rich at levels high enough to reduce extreme wealth and tackle inequality 
  • Introduce more corporate windfall taxes to bring an end to crisis profiteering from international corporations 
  • Support stricter global tax rules to crack down on the use of tax havens by multinational corporations and wealthy individuals 
  • Use the revenue gained from these taxes to invest in measures to support the most vulnerable, such as strong public services, welfare provision, and a just transition to a green economy.  

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