Monday 18th March, 2024
12:00pm – 1:00pm

Gain the confidence and the skills to make an impact this AGM season

Over the next few months, the UK’s biggest banks will hold their annual general meetings. This is a chance for shareholders to make their priorities known by asking questions and registering key concerns.

Together with ShareAction, JustMoney Movement wants to train and equip our Champions to attend these AGMs and advocate for a fairer, greener future. This is a unique opportunity to challenge the banks that are financing climate destruction, and shift them towards planet-friendly alternatives.

Perhaps you’ve already shifted your personal finances and do what you can for the planet, but are concerned about the activities of the most polluting companies – this is your chance to engage upstream, where their funding comes from.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before – our training will give you the confidence, the skills, and the access to use your voice on behalf of people and planet.

NB: this is a JustMoney Champions event, but is open to all. Come along to hear more about this and other opportunities for Champions to learn, connect and act.

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