Monday, 26th October | 7:30pm – 8:30pm

ECCR is proud to present a seminar delivered in partnership with ShareAction, exploring the potential for good our pensions can have on the world around us.

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As part of ECCR’s Restoring Hope series of online events and in collaboration with ShareAction, join us for a seminar where we explore how to use our pensions for good.

We are proud to partner with ShareAction, who launched their Pension Power Platform in September 2019 , supporting individuals to learn about their pensions and how to take action to use their pensions to bring about positive social and environmental change.

In the hour-long event, the seminar will explore:

  • What is a pension? Redefining perceptions of pensions from just being about retirement, to focusing on how they impact the world right now, and how a pension can be a force for change.
  • What impact is our pension currently having on the world right now? We’ll consider some of the larger pension providers, including an analysis of their default funds.
  • What impact could our pension be having on the world? We’ll outline a range of ways to take action to positively affect this.

The session is suitable for anyone wanting to explore how to make a difference with their own pension or for those involved in decision making around their church’s use of pension providers for staff members.

There will also be lots of opportunity to ask questions of both ECCR and ShareAction and we look forward to you joining us!

Note: The session will not recommend or promote specific pension products or institutions. Any reference to such products or institutions during the event will be by way of example only. None of the information in this session is intended to be, or should be interpreted as, a recommendation or promotion, either implied or expressed, to make any specific financial or investment decision. If you wish to receive advice please consult a qualified and independent financial advisor. ECCR cannot accept responsibility for any specific financial or investment decisions made by any individuals during or following participation in its programmes.

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