On Monday evening, 26 October 2020, as part of Restoring Hope 2020, we hosted Pension Power in collaboration with ShareAction.

In the hour-long event, we explored:

  • What a pension is
  • What impact our pension is currently having on the world right now
  • Ways we could take action to positively affect the impact our position could be having on the world

If you’d like to watch a slightly edited recording of the session, please watch the video below:


If you’ve been inspired to take action, here are 3 simple ways to start:  

  1. Learn more about your pension and how your money is shaping the world. The Make My Money Matter campaign is a great place to start.
  2. Start a conversation in your workplace, using Share Action’s resources. If you are not happy with the funds available to you then encourage your employer to review its pension provider.
  3. Want to start a conversation about pensions in your church? Use our interactive workshop to get people interested. Conversation 4 includes a conversation starter on pensions and ideas for action.

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