Saturday, 24th October – Friday, 30th October

ECCR is hosting ‘Restoring Hope‘, a series of online events, run during Good Money Week (24th – 30th October) exploring the connections between faith and finance.

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The Covid-19 crisis has created a deficit of hope as people worry about their health, jobs and finance. This series of events will help us explore the relevance of the Christian faith to our financial decisions and the wider economy, and in the process help us rediscover hope in these challenging times.

Join us throughout the week as we explore what the Bible says about money, how we can connect our faith and our finances, both as individuals and within our church communities, and how we can use the entirety of our resources to restore hope as stewards of God’s creation. See below for an overview of the week’s activites and visit Eventbrite where you can sign up for the individuals events.

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