Tuesday 11th June, 2024
7:30pm – 9:00pm

We are delighted to have former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams join us for this JustMoney Fair Tax Week event.

Ahead of this event, Rev Dr Rowan Williams said

‘Societies cannot function without solidarity, in the sense of some recognition of shared interest and some management of shared risk. Taxation should be understood as an aspect of this necessary solidarity – not an alien imposition, but a clear recognition of what the idea of common good implies. The challenge is to kindle the imagination in such a way that taxation regimes are grasped as opportunities for releasing shared capacity to secure and deepen the bonds of faithfulness and dependability in the social order – translating the language of the Body of Christ into policy.’

Throughout the evening Rowan will begin to unpack this for us as well as taking questions from supporters. This event is a part of our Fair Tax Week celebrations. To find out more about Fair Tax Week and how you can get involved, click here.

Please note, this is an online event, once you have booked your space you will receive access to an online event page which will then give you access to the meeting. If this does not arrive, please contact us via info@justmoney.org.uk.

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