Wednesday, 17th March | 12:30-1:30

Join us for our new Money Makes Change online bible study. Helping individuals and churches  make the connection between faith and finance.

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We are very excited to launch our new Money Makes Change online Bible studies. An interactive hour-long online study designed to help individuals and churches connect their faith and their finances for a fairer, more sustainable world. This study will explore:

  • Who do we need to listen to in our communities?
  • What do we have to offer – even if we feel our power and resources are limited?
  • How do we help rebuild our communities post-Covid through our financial decisions?

This study will be led by Rosie Venner, manager of the Money Makes Change programme. The studies will be free to attend but are limited to just 12 people in order to facilitate discussion.

This Bible study is part of a series of two Bible studies, please feel free to join us for one or both of the studies. If you can’t make these dates – don’t worry! We hope to repeat these themed studies throughout the year, with new topics too – you can join us at any point. If you wish to join us for more than one Bible study please note that each event must be booked separately.

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