Saturday 24th February, 2024
4:00pm – 5:00pm

A webinar for pastors and church leaders, exploring socially responsible investing for Christians and churches.

We are delighted to welcome key speaker Ife Igunnubole to help us explore the world of socially responsible investing.

  • What is the difference between ESG and impact investing?
  • How can Christians and churches align their investing with their values?

Ife Igunnubole is a consultant with the DeVere Group and an Associate Director at Pinewood Asset Management Ltd.

If we have investments, how can we speak up for change? Holding just one share in a company gives you a voice. JustMoney Movement’s George Amadi (Movement Builder – Black majority churches) will speak of his experience of holding a company to account on its ethnicity pay gap. Find out how you can get involved in this tactic of advocating for change through our JustMoney Champions network.

And finally, JustMoney Movement’s Rosie Venner (National Programme Manager) will draw attention to the resources and tools you can use to educate and equip more Christians to connect their faith and their finances.

Attending the webinar

This event will take place on Zoom. Book your space via Eventbrite or email for the link.


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