Tuesday 2nd May, 2023
7:00pm – 8:30pm
Online (Zoom)

Join us for two online events facilitated by Church and Peace exploring the theme “Why should we be concerned about the Financial Services we use?

The first session (25 April) will focus on banking and ethics, and the second session (2 May) on ethical investing.

Church and Peace is the ecumenical peace church network in Europe brings together Christians living out Jesus’ call to nonviolence in church and society by taking concrete steps towards building a just, sustainable and peaceful world. More info at www.church-and-peace.org/en


Rosie Venner from JustMoney Movement 

Bridget Meehan from Northern Mutual Ltd, a community bank initiative base in Northern Ireland

Tiziana OHara from Co-operative Alternatives, a co-operative development body specialised in Community Shares

The event will be facilitated by Tony Weekes. Tony is a member of the board of Church and Peace. For twenty years he was an academic economist, and for fourteen years was a non executive director of the Ecology Building Society, an experience which taught him much about the economics of the real world and about how finance can be used for the common good.

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