This year we launched our new national programme Money Makes Change with a workshop resource. It’s designed to help people start a conversation in their church or small group about how we can use money to shape a fairer, more sustainable world.

The workshop material, presented as five interactive conversations, covers a range of issues, from ethical banking to consumer power. You can adapt it for your context – maybe by running a short taster session to get people thinking about how their faith connects with their finances. Or you could dive deeper and use the whole resource with your fellowship group over several weeks.

Perhaps you are interested in running the workshop but feel a bit daunted about where to start?

Look no further… we’ve produced a short video to help you get confident with the material.

In the 10-minute video, Rosie Venner, our Programme Manager for Money Makes Change, catches up online with Colin Darling, our outgoing Development Manager in the West Midlands. Colin’s work with local churches inspired the workshop material, and he shares some top tips on facilitating the sessions.

The video explores why it’s important to talk about money, how to handle sensitive topics, and ways to encourage people to move from discussion to action.

It may be a while before churches are meeting together again, but we can connect virtually and still have meaningful conversations about how we use money and resources for the common good. In fact, now is the time when that is needed more than ever!

Want to know more? Join us for a taster session on Thursday, June 18. You can sign up at Eventbrite here (for the 11am session) or here (for the 8pm session)

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