Where might you find a ripe yellow banana, a sycamore leaf, a bowl of vinegar and a money box?

They are all things that you can use to explore the links between faith, money, generosity and justice in our new resource Messy Money, created in partnership with Messy Church

Using the story of Zacchaeus, Messy Money helps people of all ages share and learn more about what we can do with our money to help create a fairer, more sustainable world.

Whether we are rich or poor, it is what we do with our money that matters. Do we see it as a gift from God to be used wisely, for ourselves as well as for the good of others? Do we, in the words of John Wesley, ‘earn all we can, save all we can and give all we can’, so that we can honour God with all our living?

Do we pray about what we give away, about what we keep for ourselves and those close to us, and about how we spend and invest our money so that it can do the most good, for the most people, in the most ethical way?

Messy Money includes an introduction to the Bible passage and theme, conversation starters, social action ideas, 10 interactive activities and suggestions for prayer and worship as well as the all-important shared meal!

We are very grateful to Martyn Payne who volunteered to write this resource, and to the Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF) and the Messy Church team for making it happen.

Messy Church is a way of being church for families and others. It is Christ-centred, for all ages, based on creativity, hospitality and celebration. There are thousands of Messy Churches in over 30 countries around the world.

Could you use Messy Money in your church or share it with someone involved in a Messy Church near you?

Download your free copy of Messy Money on our Money Makes Change Learning Materials page.

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