Church Action for Tax Justice has given a cautious welcome to today’s announcement of support for struggling households, in the face of the cost of living scandal and the excess profits being made by fossil fuel companies. 

Church Action for Tax Justice Programme Manager Cat Jenkins said

whilst it’s good news that the Government has acknowledged the challenges facing households and taken action, it falls far short of what’s needed – or indeed of what’s possible – in light of the excess profits being made by fossil fuel companies. This is a crisis, and Government responses need to be proportionate to the scale of it – not just a sticking plaster‘.  

In addition to calling for a significant windfall tax on fossil fuel companies, some of which have made record profits whilst customers struggle to meet their bills, CATJ is calling for the Government to introduce a wealth tax on the UK’s richest 1% of households. ‘As Christians we’re called to show love for our neighbours, many of whom are really struggling. It’s time those with the broadest shoulders did what they can to contribute to the common good, and redress the gaping inequalities in our society’. CATJ’s petition to the Chancellor can be found here.   


  • 27 May 2022

    Government spending is not like that of a household’s; it does not depend at all on its “tax take”.

    There are two separate issues here: 1. the Government’s attempt to deal with the cost of living crisis, about which Cat Jenkins comments: that this “falls far short of what’s needed – or indeed of what’s possible” and 2. the excessive profits accumulated by the wealthy.

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