Dear Lord,

In this time of uncertainty, we ask your protection over our country, its people, and its leaders. 

Give wisdom to those in power.  

Some have made, or will make, difficult decisions – for themselves and their careers, for their constituents, staff or country. Give them peace in their hearts, the courage to do what is right, and your guidance as to what that might be. Bless this country with righteous leaders, who will govern with wisdom, justice and compassion. 

Give hope to our country 

In this time of division, let there be unity. Though there may be differences of politics, faith and other beliefs, teach us to live alongside one another with compassion, curiosity and respect. Give us hope for a future in which all can prosper, no matter what their background, resources or abilities. 

Protect the people of the nation 

In this time of stress, be with those struggling with the cost-of-living crisis: provide for their needs. Be with those suffering from mental, physical or spiritual crisis: comfort them and ease their pain. Be with those who are lonely: let them know that You are always with them and help them make connections that will blossom into rewarding friendships and relationships. 

In all these things, we ask Your grace, dear Lord. Work through us, show us how to bring about Your will, give us courage and hope. 

We ask this in Your holy name 


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