Welcome to the new JustMoney Movement website. In November 2022, JustMoney Movement became the new trading name of The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility. Please spend some time exploring our new site and discover how you can be a part of the movement.

Christians for a fairer, greener world.

It’s not easy to talk about money, but we can’t afford not to.

What we do with money, how wealth is shared, including through our tax system, and how money is used by investors, banks, and companies, determines the kind of world we live in.

As Christians, we know Jesus had lots to say about our use of money and that we are called to act justly and speak out for change.

We have a vision of a world where money is used to shape a fairer, greener future for everyone.

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News & views

  • ShareAction & JustMoney AGM Training

    Monday 18th March, 2024

    Together with ShareAction, JustMoney Movement wants to train and equip our Champions to attend these AGMs and advocate for a fairer, greener future. This is a unique opportunity to challenge the banks that are financing climate destruction, and shift them towards planet-friendly alternatives.

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  • Budget Response: A Missed Opportunity to Invest and Improve Society for All

    Unfortunately, this Budget simply kicked the crisis can further down the road, doing little to seek justice, defend the oppressed, plead the case of the widow and orphan, or take care of creation. 

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  • Looking Ahead to the Spring Budget

    The JustMoney Movement is urging the Government to use the upcoming Spring Budget as an opportunity to invest in Britain and improve people’s lives, not to sacrifice vital public services and a green future in order to fund pre-election ‘vote-winning’ tax cuts.  Speculation is rife that the Chancellor is considering deep spending cuts to fund…

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  • My Relationship With My Bank

    Today I ended a nine year relationship. It was one I entered into because it was convenient. I didn’t know any better, and then after a while it was comfortable and harder to get out of. This was my relationship with my bank; Barclays.

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  • Practising Kingdom Economics – living the way of Jesus in a modern economy 

    This Lent we are exploring what it means to live the way of Jesus in a modern economy. Each Wednesday of Lent we will be sharing a reflection from a JustMoney Champion or staff member exploring a passage of scripture.

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  • Investing For Change

    Saturday 24th February, 2024

    A webinar for pastors and church leaders, exploring socially responsible investing for Christians and churches. Hosted by JustMoney Movement’s George Amadi (Movement Builder – Black majority churches).

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